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July 2015

Eating Out | Review | Nibsy’s, Reading.

Please read the end of the review for my star rating and conclusion.

Nibsy’s is an entirely gluten free cafe in my home town Reading, Berkshire. They opened in 2014 and since then I’ve been a frequent visitor!

9.4.17 (4)

There really is something for everyone here. They have award winning coffee, delicious hot chocolate, tea, cold drinks as well as some dairy free hot drink options.

Food-wise, everything is gluten free, but they also have lots of choice for vegetarians, vegan options that include cakes and doughnuts, and several dairy free options.


The food changes regularly but normally includes homemade quiche which is always vegetarian, their popular flourless Nutella cake which is moist and topped with crushed hazelnuts, a pasta salad and scones with clotted cream and jam (weekends only).


Nibsys 10
Dairy free vegetable pasta.

If those don’t make you salivate then they have plenty of other options; noodle salad with salmon, tortilla chips and houmous, sandwiches, toasties, sausage rolls, lemon drizzle cake, vegan Victoria Sandwich, sugar free and dairy free beetroot and date cake, cherry bakewells, cookies and yummy brownies.


Check out their Facebook page and like them to see their latest creations and events!


Five stars for great food, friendly staff, and a safe haven for Coeliacs!

9.4.17 (3)



Welcome to The Gluten Free Veggie

About this blog:

This is the blog space of If you need to contact me you can drop me an ask on there! 😀

This blog is going to feature reviews, recommendations and recipes for everything to do with being a gluten free vegetarian! Whether you are Coeliac, gluten intolerant/sensitive, vegetarian, vegan or have no dietary restrictions at all, hopefully you will find something useful on here!

About me:

I’m a 20 year old university student studying English Literature. I’ve been a vegetarian all my life and never intend to change! In September 2014 I started to have stomach symptoms and after a long road, nearly a year later I’ve spoken to a GP, two dieticians and a gastroenterologist. I’ve been diagnosed with gluten hypersensitivity (with possible Coeliac disease, not yet diagnosed) and IBS-D.

My story is far from over, but I’ve been gluten free since then and feeling a lot better!

My aims:

My aims for this blog are to inspire other people struggling with Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance to eat well and enjoy food again! I also want to show that vegetarian food is not boring and that, yes, you CAN be vegetarian and gluten free and still live a healthy and happy life!

I’m also campaigning for more gluten free food at my University, the University of Reading. When I was diagnosed there was only a small brownie available in the university cafe. I’ve since managed to get a gluten free menu in the student union’s pub and I’m working on getting sandwiches and other convenience foods.

Thank you for reading and enjoy my blog!

T  xx

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