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December 2016

Recipe (GF, V) | Christmas Cashew Roast

This is my favourite nut roast. You may remember last year's version (see recipe here). Since then I have perfected it to my tastes, but it also means you have two options if you don't like spinach etc. To make... Continue Reading →


Recipe (GF, Ve) | Walnut, Rosemary and Mushroom Christmas Stuffing Balls

Here's another little Christmas recipe that some of you might like! I've made this recipe vegan as well as gluten free and allium free like the rest of my recipes! This makes the perfect alternative to the traditional sage and... Continue Reading →

Recipe (GF, V) | Easy Buffet Food for Christmas

As many of you who are gluten free and vegetarian will know, family gatherings or Christmas parties can be a minefield of gluten filled treats and the potential for cross contamination. I always make my own food for such occasions.... Continue Reading →

Recipe (GF, DF, V) | Christmas Spiced Orange Cake

Yes it's that time of year again! Christmas comes around so quickly but I've been thinking of new recipes for a few months in preparation. I've made gluten free cakes before, but never a Christmas cake. Due to IBS, I... Continue Reading →

Please read – disclaimer and address to some recent accusations.

It's nearly Christmas and that usually means that people are full of good will and generosity. Unfortunately, this year I encountered someone with quite the opposite attitude and so I feel I have to clarify a few things about my... Continue Reading →

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