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March 2017

Awareness | 8 ways to annoy a Coeliac

Enjoy our free content? Want to win gluten free food and prizes? See our Patreon for more info and exclusive content! Like us on Facebook for more content! Sometimes non-Coeliacs just don't realise that their actions can sometimes be eye-rollingly annoying, or even just plain... Continue Reading →


Youtube | What I Ate in a Day No. 3

I post new Youtube videos every Wednesday. This weeks video is a What I Ate in a Day, featuring Warburton's crumpets and my vegan mushroom and cashew burgers.     Click below to watch:  

Recipe (GF, V) | Easy Flourless Cheese Sauce

Whilst a roux based sauce is relatively simple to make and can be made GF by changing the flour, it's nice to have a lighter option in your arsenal. Sometimes a flour based sauce can be quite heavy and needs... Continue Reading →

My vegetarianism does not negate my Coeliac diagnosis

This is perhaps a more controversial topic than I normally post but I think it is something I would like to open up a respectful discussion about. I have never been a "preachy" vegetarian. I think that you have to... Continue Reading →

Recipe (GF, V) | Newburn Bakehouse #CrumpetChallenge

Warburton's Newburn Bakehouse have just brought out these delicious gluten free crumpets, growing their list of products, including fresh gluten free loaves which I reviewed here. They started the Twitter hashtag #CrumpetChallenge to celebrate and the recipes that have come... Continue Reading →

Product Review | Propercorn popcorn

Please read to the end of my review for my conclusion and star rating. I love popcorn! There are lots of brands/supermarket own brands that are suitable for Coeliacs - popcorn is of course naturally gluten free anyway - but... Continue Reading →

Recipe (GF, Ve) | Allium Free Mushroom Soup

Mushrooms are my favourite vegetable - on pasta, pizza, in risotto, in omelettes, I'll eat them in just about any dinner! This is my favourite soup recipe, vegan, allium free, gluten free and full of flavour. If you don't like... Continue Reading →

Eating Out | La Polenteria is changing to LEGGERO!

La Polenteria opened in December 2013 as a 100% gluten free restaurant in Soho, London. For more information on the business as it was, see my review here. It's been a popular spot for Coeliacs in the South, offering a... Continue Reading →

Recipe (GF, DF, V) | Roasted diced potatoes with asparagus and an egg

Another winter warmer for your collection! Egg and asparagus just go hand in hand! Lay on some herb roasted potatoes and you have yourself a delicious meal. Asparagus is in season at the moment so if you can get your... Continue Reading →

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