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June 2017

Advice | 8 tips for Coeliacs on a budget

My family has always had to be very careful with money, but even more so since I had to go gluten free. Here are some tips for those of you who also have to watch the pennies!   Opt for... Continue Reading →


Recipe (GF, Ve) | Tomato and Herb Risotto

This is a very simple recipe that I often eat as a weekday meal. It takes less than 20 minutes to make and can be easily adapted to suit everyone's tastes. If tomato and herb is not your favourite flavour,... Continue Reading →

Convenient Dinner Cheats List | Gluten Free and Vegetarian

Here is a list of convenient cheat foods that are both gluten free and vegetarian and need little or no preparation before cooking! Slap them in the oven or microwave, sit back and relax!

Recipe (GF, V) | Easy Summer Salad

This is a really simple light salad, perfect for these hot summer days. You can barely call this a recipe, more of a meal idea, but I've been enjoying this recently and wanted to share it with you. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Dear Quorn…

Dear Quorn, I'm addressing this blog post to you because I want to open a dialogue about your gluten free range. I firstly want to say how wonderful it is that in recent years you've created more gluten free and... Continue Reading →

Recipe (GF, DF, V) | Basil Pasta Salad

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