It’s summer! I feel like I wait for this time of year to come for so long as it flies by so quickly. I always vow to make the most of every warm day in the summer – to eat in the garden, go out with friends in the light evenings and go to the beach at least once. But what’s summer without ice cream? This recipe will allow you to easily make your own.

For this recipe you will need your own ice lolly moulds – they are relatively inexpensive considering the amount of uses you get out of them and the fact that they allow you to choose your own ingredients. I bought this one on Amazon.




1 punnet of raspberries

2 teaspoons of sugar

Lemonade – enough to fill the moulds




  1. Make the raspberry coulis – add the punnet of raspberries to a pan with sugar and small splash of water. Heat until it becomes a coulis.
  2. Strain the coulis until smooth.
  3. Pour the coulis into the bottoms of the ice lolly moulds.
  4. Top with the lemonade – pour carefully to ensure the lemonade and raspberry only mix slightly to give the lemonade a pink colour.
  5. Freeze overnight then run under cold water to loosen and pull out of the moulds.



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