If you’ve been gluten free for a while you may have noticed that some supermarket own brand Free From products often mimic the branded version. I’ve compared them for you so you can see whether the branded version is worth the extra money.

Even before I was diagnosed Coeliac our household food shopping budget was tight and so I’ve always been an advocate of supermarket own brand versions of branded products. There is no shame in  foregoing brands and supermarket versions are often nicer than the original. That being said, when it comes to Free From supermarket own brand products the quality can be very hit and miss. Here are a few comparisons and my opinions. Everyone has different tastes so I’d recommend trying the supermarket own brand versions yourself if you are trying to decrease your outgoings.

  1. Mrs Crimbles Cheese Cheese Crackers versus Marks and Spencer’s Cheese Crackers

These crackers are almost identical in look but the ingredients vary slightly.




M and S tends to be a bit pricier, even when compared to brands, but I would always choose the M and S crackers over Mrs Crimbles for one reason – this:


Every box of Mrs Crimbles cheese crackers that I have bought has been 50% broken. M and S’s cheese crackers have always been whole with very little crumbling. I think the price difference should not be an issue with this product.

Brand Price: £1.75

Supermarket Price: Currently Unknown

WINNER: Supermarket!


2. Prewett’s Triple Chocolate Cookies versus Tesco Free From


I’m a big fan of Prewett’s in general (see my review here) but when it comes to this product I think the supermarket own brand version (in particular Tesco’s, but Sainsbury’s and ASDA make their own versions too) are pretty good competition. Prewett’s make speciality gluten free biscuits and they are heavenly, but when it comes to this product, the supermarket own brand version is cheaper and the difference in taste is not that big. Sorry Prewett’s but Tesco win this battle!

Brand Price: £2.29

Supermarket Price: £1.80

WINNER: Supermarket!


3. ASDA Free From Penne versus Dove’s Farm Gluten Free Organic Penne

Dove’s Farm are well known for creating quality gluten free flour but when it comes to pasta I don’t think they are the best product on the market. Both of these products are made from the same base ingredients – rice and corn flours – yet the difference in price is astronomical. At 500g each the price difference is over a pound and all for the label of “organic”. I’ve found Dove’ Farm to be a temperamental pasta to cook anyway – the ASDA own brand is much more consistent.

Dove’s Farm Penne

This is definitely a supermarket versus brand where the supermarket triumphs. 107443

This is one swap where the budget won’t leave you feeling



Brand Price: £2.50

Supermarket Price: £1.35

WINNER: Supermarket!


4. Genius Bread versus Tesco Free From Bread

Gluten free bread is always quite hit and miss – some brands are quite unlike the original (sorry BFree, wasn’t keen! – but don’t forget they are GF and suitable for vegans) and it can take some time to find one you like.

Genius (3)

Genius get a bad reputation because their slices are known to be full of holes or falling apart (read more about Genius bread here) but compared to supermarket own brand breads I always choose Genius. The taste and texture is always far superior and Genius seems to go off much slower than other brands. It is more expensive, of course, but for this product I think it’s worth it.

Brand Price: £2.70

Supermarket Price: £2.00

WINNER: Brand!



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