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August 2017

New Writer!

The Gluten Free Veggie is excited to announce the introduction of a new writer! Lucy is a vegetarian Coeliac with a passion for cooking and creating new recipes. She will be contributing a recipe once a month and has lots... Continue Reading →


Recipe (GF, V) | Chocolate Pineapple Upside Down Cake

A twist on a classic cake - because everything's better with chocolate!   Ingredients: 100g of gluten free self-raising flour 100g butter 100g sugar 30g of cocoa powder 2 eggs 40ml of milk 4 pineapple rings   Method: Cream the... Continue Reading →

Advice | Conquering Time Management When You Have IBS

It can be really difficult to get everything you need to do done when you have IBS or another chronic illness, mostly because you cannot foresee and therefore plan for flare ups or issues. This advice will be mostly tailored... Continue Reading →

Recipe (GF, Vegan) | Herb Wedges with a Lemon & Paprika Dip

This is a really easy dinner to make and far more delicious than the pre-made frozen versions (which often use a wheat flour coating anyway!). This is a vegan and gluten free recipe using fresh homegrown herbs. If you don't... Continue Reading →

Advice | 8 Cheap GF & V Foods I Base my Diet on

Let me be clear about the term "diet" in the title - I mean my usual eating habits, not a "weight loss" or "fad" diet. These foods make up what I eat on a day to day basis and might... Continue Reading →

Recipe (GF, Vegan) | Evexia Penne & Homemade Pesto

This recipe includes a vegan pesto and homegrown yellow courgettes as well as Evexia Thrive's Fresh Gluten Free Penne.

Advice | 6 ways to survive being a Coeliac student

Enjoy our free content? Want to win gluten free food and prizes? See our Patreon for more info and exclusive content! Like us on Facebook for more content! It can be one of the trickiest times for a Coeliac. I had to go gluten free... Continue Reading →

Recipe (GF, V) | Raspberry and Nutella Cookies

Who can resist this mix of sweet nutella and tart raspberry? This recipe is two of my favourite flavours combined into easy to make, fast to cook biscuits! You will need to use your own judgement on whether to hand... Continue Reading →

Calling All Writers And Cooks!

Calling all writers and cooks! The Gluten Free Veggie is looking for a contributing author! * Please note this is an unpaid position - I do not currently earn any money from my blog * As some of you may... Continue Reading →

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