Calling all writers and cooks! The Gluten Free Veggie is looking for a contributing author!
* Please note this is an unpaid position – I do not currently earn any money from my blog *
As some of you may know I am a postgraduate student and have a job as well as other responsibilities. I post twice a week on the blog and manage all of the social media accounts and behind the scenes running of a blog. I also create all of the content myself which means recipe testing, photography etc. This can take up a lot of time and so I’m looking for someone to write one blog post a month. My hope is this will add another facet to the blog whilst also freeing up a bit of my time.
Applicants will be interviewed over e-mail and will be asked to provide a sample piece and photographs. The successful applicant will be a competent writer and have the creativity necessary to think of new and engaging content each month! You must be able to adhere to the deadlines given and be organised enough to think ahead for future posts. Failure to meet deadlines will not be tolerated – I have worked hard to keep up the two posts a week so that my readership are aware of what to expect.
I will still be responsible for proof reading and uploading to the blog but there is a certain amount of freedom in terms of style and content.
All recipes MUST be gluten free AND vegetarian. This blog was created to fill that niche and appeal to individuals who are gluten free and vegetarian and so I will not compromise on this detail.
So what’s in it for you? The chance to show off your writing talent or cooking talen on a public platform without the hassle and stress of organising and running a blog. You also have the added bonus of writing for a blog that is established and has been building regular readers and followers for the past two years. Working to deadlines, sculpting your own blog posts and being creative are all transferable skills and I am happy for the successful applicant to add this to their CV. This would be ideal for a sixth former or university student with an interest in journalism (although, of course, this is open to anyone who is willing to commit!)
Whilst I can’t offer any pay you would have a chance to write for an online blog with a Facebook following of 650 people (which grows daily!) as well as hundreds of followers on other platforms such as WordPress, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. We currently get around 100 views a day, with spikes of 700 on good days. With some more work I’m hoping to monetise The Gluten Free Veggie (but we’re a while off of that yet).
There is no limit to how long I will look for someone. I want to find someone who is right for the blog and will suit its style and I am in no rush.
Please e-mail if you are interested and please share this post!