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The 8 Kinds of Gluten Free People on the Internet

The Keyboard Warrior. Have you got a strong opinion about gluten free food? Why not argue with strangers on the internet about which brand of gluten free bread is the best? Or call someone an idiot because they prefer rice based pasta to corn based pasta? These people are usually very rude, quick to become offended over the tiniest discussion and can ramble nonsensically about any Free From issue. Look out for comments that begin "how dare you" or "for your information".


Support Us and Win Gluten Free Rewards!

For the past 3 years I have worked hard on this blog, built up a following, set a posting schedule and tried my best to campaign for better options for all of us. Lucy and I have done all of this without earning a penny, now we have set up a way to earn a little bit so that Lucy and I can travel further, campaign harder and create more. All of the money will be going right back into the blog. I would like to assure those of you who don't wish to donate that you will still be getting the same content - recipes every Monday and blog posts every Friday. We are not asking you to pay for the service that we are already providing.

Brief hiatus

Due to time commitments I'm going to pause the blog for a few weeks. Since starting my PhD and working part time alongside I've had less time for the blog and we need a few weeks to catch up. I... Continue Reading →

Dear Quorn…

Dear Quorn, I'm addressing this blog post to you because I want to open a dialogue about your gluten free range. I firstly want to say how wonderful it is that in recent years you've created more gluten free and... Continue Reading →

My vegetarianism does not negate my Coeliac diagnosis

This is perhaps a more controversial topic than I normally post but I think it is something I would like to open up a respectful discussion about. I have never been a "preachy" vegetarian. I think that you have to... Continue Reading →

Awareness | The fear of cross contamination

I have seen this claim on the internet multiple times and so I decided to check out its validity in order to impress on any non-coeliacs the importance of being aware of cross contamination. I refuse to believe anything on... Continue Reading →

Change to scheduled posts/videos

You may remember this tweet from last week which teased you with guessing the ingredients of my next post and YT video: Due to my laptop breaking (it's now in the repair shop for the forseeable with all my Shepherd's... Continue Reading →

Changes to the blog in 2017

I am not one for the disingenuous phenomenon of #newyearnewme however, I do see the benefit of drawing a line in the sand and using the Christmas/New Year break to kick start something. I have decided to make a few... Continue Reading →

Please read – disclaimer and address to some recent accusations.

It's nearly Christmas and that usually means that people are full of good will and generosity. Unfortunately, this year I encountered someone with quite the opposite attitude and so I feel I have to clarify a few things about my... Continue Reading →

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