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Thrifty Food

Thrifty Food Recipes | 3 Dinners For £1 or Less Each

This is part of the Thrifty Food series. To see other recipes in this series click here.

Recently, I wrote an Advice piece for Coeliacs on a budget and so as a follow up I decided to put together some cheap recipes. This is a compilation of previous recipes – I’m very busy with university work at the moment but I promise that you will have a brand new recipe next week.

The pricing on this recipe does not include dried herbs or salt and pepper as the amount works out as a fraction of a penny each time.

All prices are accurate as of July 2017. I’ve used ASDA to make the prices simply because that is where we shop, but try looking at Aldi or Lidl for lower prices if you need to shave even more off of the price!


Tomato and Herb Risotto


Read the full recipe here.

This recipe works out at around 25p per serving.

100ml of vegetable stock (1 Knorr stock cube) – 10p

70g of Arborio rice – 15p

1 tablespoon of tomato puree – less than one penny

20ml of tomato passata – less than one penny

1 teapsoon of dried oregano – less than one penny

Salt and pepper to taste – less than one penny


Spinach, Mushroom and Ricotta Pasta Bake

4.6.16 (8)

Read the full recipe here. These amounts serve 2. The total is per serving.

This recipe works out at roughly 62p per serving.

3 chestnut mushrooms – 30p

50g of fresh spinach – 16p

150g of gluten free pasta – 24p

500g of tomato passata – 35p

50g of ricotta – 19p

One teaspoon of tomato puree – less than one penny

Dried oregano and basil – less than one penny


Butternut Squash “Shepherd’s” Pie


Read the full recipe here. Serves 2.

This recipe works out as roughly per 94p serving.

One small butternut squash – £1.08

Five potatoes – 30p

Three chestnut mushrooms – 30p

Two carrots – 10p

Three fresh bay leaves – 10p

One teaspoon of tomato puree – less than one penny

One teaspoon of yeast extract – less than one penny

Dried thyme to taste – less than one penny

Two cloves – less than one penny



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Thrifty Food Recipe (GF, V, Ve option) | Tenderstem Broccoli and Thyme Risotto

This is a new segment I’m experimenting with called “Thrifty Food”. As usual you can find a category for all of these posts at the bottom of my page.

All recipes in this segment will have the price calculated and the ingredients will be linked. I want to encourage people to realise that gluten free and vegetarian cooking doesn’t have to cost a lot, and can easily be done on a limited budget.

This post is trial recipe to see how it’s going to come together – I may experiment with form, perhaps doing a week’s worth of meals in one post soon to work out a weekly cost.

If you have any suggestions for recipes you’d like to see in this segment, please do get in contact via my Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr pages.

All prices are approximate (and worked out by my wonderful boyfriend who is something of a Maths whizz 😉 ) and may vary from shop to shop. I’m using ASDA as it’s my local, but you may find the prices will be cheaper if you use Aldi/Lidl etc.

This recipe uses one of my favourite vegetables – tenderstem broccoli. I find it much tastier than regular broccoli – which has a bad reputation for being bland – and it goes really well with the thyme. To save money (and for convenience) I’m using dried thyme, but fresh thyme would work just as well and give a stronger flavour.

A dairy free/vegan option is provided with the cheese substitute, so I’ve provided two prices.



Ingredients (Serves One Person):

Tenderstem broccoli florets, 60g, £0.48

Mozzarella, 60g, £0.21


Dairy free/vegan cheese substitute, 60g, £0.68

Arborio rice, 70g, £0.15

Half of one vegetable stock cube, £0.05 (Knorr are gluten free) to make one pint of stock.

Olive oil, 10ml, £0.05

One teaspoon of thyme (less than 1p so not included in the price)

One teaspoon of paprika (less than 1p so not included in the price)

A sprinkle of ground black pepper (less than 1p so not included in the price)



  1. Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the broccoli and rice once the oil in heated.
  2. Heat the broccoli and rice for a few seconds and then add the stock. Add the seasoning and stir.
  3. Place on medium heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes, adding more water if needed.
  4. After 20 minutes test the rice. If the rice is nearly cooked, turn the heat to high and stir continuously until the liquid evaporates.
  5. Once the texture becomes creamy turn off the heat and serve.
  6. Add torn mozzarella or a dairy free equivalent.


Cook time: 20-30 minutes

Price: £0.94 / dairy free option £1.41 per person



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